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Testimonial for Arena Vojka, Century 21 Adore

- I have just contacted Arena to sell my property and I am very happy to have done so!Arena is very punctual and communicative when it comes to answering all my questions. I am very grateful. Thank you Arena!


Testimonial for Eda Rama, Century 21 Adore

- A highly qualified service and in record time! Eda is a very communicative and devoted agent with always the right answer to say. I am very satisfied with the service. 

- Professional and good quality service! Century 21 Adore is a very professional real estate agency that provided us quick solutions to meet our demands. We are very satisfied with our collaboration and we have also proceeded to sign other deals with Century 21 Adore. Bravo! 


Testimonial për zyrën Century 21 Adore

- I am writting this thank-you email for Century 21 Adore as I have worked with them to both sell my house and buy a new one. I really appreciate their devotion, punctuality and professionalism in the good-quality service they provided. These numerous positive qualities made me trust in the comptences of Century 21 Adore which helped me out in a very short time. A special thank you to Aida, Fllohe and the sales agent Eda. It would have not been possible without your help! You are simply the best and I will gladly recommend you to everyone. 


Testimonial for Century 21 Atrium

- Hello everyone working with the real estate agency Century 21 Atrium! You are the best out there! I say this very honestly and for a simple reason: I bought my apartment at the place I wanted it and with the price that I would never have found elsewhere. I am very thankful to you and I wish you all the best! Keep up with the good work. 


Testimonial for Evisa Metaj, Century 21 Atrium

- I am thankful to Century 21 Atrium for their helpful service in finding me a home to rent and also many thanks to their agent Evisa for being very available through the process. All the best! 


Testimonial for Gentjan Shamku, Century 21 Atrium

- Thank you Century 21 Atrium, especially to Gentjan Shamku for being quick, punctual and very professional in selling my 2+1 apartment located in Ali Demi and moreover in a record time!


Testimonial for Bruno Xhaferaj, Century 21 Aulona

- As important as money is, at the end of the day it is more important to connect the right seller with the right buyer. This is what Bruno and Century 21 Aulona did for me as the ideal real estate mediators with a very good service. Thank you very much! 

- Thank you Bruno for selling my house in such a short time! I myself didn't think it would be possible to sell it that fast! 

- I am very thankful for your collaboration and professionalism. 


Testimonial for Saliko Braja, Century 21 Bridge

- I am very happy with the support of Century 21 Bridge, especially with the service provided by Saliko who did a great job. I am sure that in the future we will work together again. 


Testimonial for Valmir Sadiku, Century 21 Bridge

- We are very happy from our collaboration with the real estate company Century 21. Very punctual and distinguished service. We would like to work with them for a long time. Thank you! 

Testimonial for Merita Lleshaj, Century 21 Bridge and Eno Janjaj, Century 21 Bond

- Concerning my demand, I am very happy with the services provided by Eno and Merita. It was a pleasure collaborating with C21. 

- Very punctual services offered by you! Thank you!  


Testimonial for Century 21 CPM

- Very communicative and patient! The best choice you can make out there! Thank you Ira for your readiness and for answering to us even after work hours to clarify every question we had. Thank you again!


Testimonial for Century 21 Eon and Century 21 Eon+

- I would like to thank Century 21 Eon and Century 21 Eon+ for finding me a home to rent in less than 1 hour and I just arrived in Albania yesterday. I recommend them to anyone who's coming to Albania. 

- I rented my home with them and I was very content with the the service. They have an admirable seriousness, devotion and punctuality. 


Testimonial for Arbri Shapalaku, Century 21 Eon

- I rented my house through Arbri Shapalaku with whom I am very satisfied for finding me the right tenant. He followed all the procedures very seriously. 

- As a person who find their house to rent through Arbri Shapalaku I am extremely content with his work. He was very punctual with my case and managed to successfully find me the right home. 

- I am very content with the distinguished services of Arbri Shapalaku. He really helped me to rent the apartment I own.  


Testimonial for Doris Mara, Century 21 Eon

- As a person that was able to rent the right home for my need through Doris Mara, I am very content for her treating my case very seriously. 


Testimonial for Aldo Duka, Century 21 Eon

- As a person that was able to rent my home with Aldo Duka, I must say I am very content with his services. 


Testimonial for Karmela Halitaj, Century 21 Botaniku

- Dear Karmela, this postcard contains the image of dollhouse that can be found in one of the Netherlands museums. It is said that is one of the biggest dollhouses evermade in the world. That being said we would like to thank you for helping us find our real home. We can't wait to live in Tirana! We wish you all the best. Again, we are very thankful! 


Testimonial for Erti Memoçi, Century 21 Smart

- Erti, has been my real estate agent for years and he is also the best Century 21 agent in Albania! He sets a good example for every agent through a dignified service in his collaborations with others. I hope that everyone in Albania is like you one day Erti! May you continue in this path and every brick or stone I'll invest in Albania we'll be on your hands to sell! 

- Thank you Erti for the good job and successfully managing the purchase of my home. I wish you all the best! 


Testimonial for First Team, Century 21 Smart

- Although I got many offers from other real estate agencies, I sold my duplex with First Team at C21 Smart the reason being their continuous collaboration with other properties I own and their very good job. Thank you! 


Testimonial for Alba Toska, Century 21 Smart

- To sell my property (a unit of 289 m2) I contacted the real estate company Century21. My experience with Alba was extremely good. Her professionalism in managing the sales process was very efficient and decisive in closing the transaction. Thank you for the collaboration! 

- Te rent out a space I collaborated with Alba Toska and the C21 Smart office. This collaboration was very adequate and produced satisfying results. I am very content from Alba's distinguished professionalism and skills through which she managed to save me very valuable time. Thank you Alba!  

- I am writing to represent the Architecture Studio Symbiotica so I can express our gratitude for finding the right apartment to rent for our engineer Mr. Johannes Wolfgang. We contacted Alba Toska and she was a very skilled agent that managed to find the apartment in a very short time. Compliments for her professionalism and I am conviced in our future successful collaborations. 

- This year I've heard from many of my acquaintances of the relationships they've had with their real estate agent to rent out their properties. I am fully convinced when I say that Alba is the best real estate agent I've known. I respect her a lot. She managed to find me very punctual and adequate clients to rent my property. I am very thankful for her service. She is the first that comes to my mind if I hear someone looking for a real estate agent. I wish her all the best! 


Testimonial for Indrit Begeja, Century 21 IRG

- Everything went very well. Indrit was very professional. Thank you a lot! 

- We are very happu for the successful closing of our sale! It was a pleasure working with you. Indrit took care for all our needs during the process from the beginning to the end. He consulted us on the right price, detailed to us all the procedures to follow and also provided good marketing of the property with professional phots and descriptions. He updated us constantly for all the leads and offers up until he found the right buyer in a very short time which facilited us a lot given that we were not in Albania at the moment. Thank you a lot to Indrit and your office too C21 IRG.

- Thank you to Century 21 IRG for helping us buy our apartment. Indrit Begeja took care of every procedure. He was very punctual to complete all the steps and even though I was out of the country, Indrit was very welcoming and patient to advise me on everything (photos, videos of the house) up until I arrived in Tirana to sign the contract. Thank you again and many future successes in your job!  


Testimonial for Sokol Lami, Century 21 IRG

- Many thanks to Sokol for organising and finding us the apartment. He is a very operative, responsible and communicative person and I appreciate that. 

- I am very happy with the service I received. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Sokol answered all of my numerous questionss and even gave me helpful suggestions. He was very nice and knows the city very well. I would highly recommend him and Century 21 to anyone looking for a place. 

- Dear Koli, Tanya and I wish to record and express our most sincere appreciation for all your professionalism and support with respect to our rental apartment. From the very outset you were extremely helpful. You taking the time and effort to video call us to show the apartment was very important for us. We also appreciate all the follow up support you have provided. We will most certainly be recommending you and C21 to all colleagues. It has been a pleasure working with you and receiving such outstanding service, particularly when moving across continents! King regards, Gareth and Tanya


Testimonial for Anxhela Allajbej, Century 21 IRG

- We just finished a collaboration with Anxhela! Bravo for her distinguished service - polite, punctual and very devoted agent. 


Testimonial for Enes Rustemi, Century 21 Elite

- Thank you to Enes who was very patient to find us our apartment when we had just arrived in Albania. The apartment and his service to find it were both great! I highly recommend Century 21 Elite and Enes too. Very professional people! 

- very professional staff! Enxhi and Enes you are great! 


Testimonial for Klejdi Mama, Century 21 Partners

- Bravo Klejdi! We did another closing together! I am very happy that we're working together and even my colleague that I referred to you was very happy too. In a short time I am convinced we will close the sale of my other apartment too! Thank you! 


Testimonial for Lindita Daci (Beqiri), Century 21 Royal

- During the pandemic lockdown a special real estate agent like Lindita sold my apartment! And in just 48 hours she found me an another apartment fit to my needs. You are extraordinary! Y.Durmishi

- Thank you Lindita for being punctual! You are the only one in Tirana to continuously follow-up in all our demands.

- I am very happy and gratefull for all your service Lindita - your punctuality, good understanding and devotion! You are very special and set a great example for the others too. I will always choose to work with you. Much respect! 

- I would like to thank from my heart Lindita for her availability and patience to fulfill all my demands in finding the right apartment. I've been to many other agencies but there was no one like Lindita! Bravo Lindita, I wish that the other people you work with appreciate your effort too. Many thanks and wish you all the best! 

- My name is I. Toromani and I live in the U.S.. This was the first time I contacted a real estate agency in Tirana to sell my apartment and I was very happy to have done so because in every communication with Lindita she was very punctual in every acpect of the process. I highly recommend both Lindita and Century 21 as I am very impressed. Thank you!  

- Hello Century 21 Royal! I never provide ratings or comments for the services I receive from different companies, but I owe one to Lindita. She is a very professional real estate agent, very patient, communicative and punctual too, values that we usually lack in the service industry. I wish her a lot of success! 

- I would like to express my gratitude regarding the renting out of my house in a short time. I am very content with Lindita's service and I would gladly recomment her to all my friends. 

- I bought my house with Lindita and Century 21 Royal and I am very happy to have done so. It was quick  and simple. Bravo Lindita you are the best! I wish you a lot of success in your work and life too. Much respect!

- The experience of finding an apartment with Lindita went very well. Both fast and professional, I definitely recommend her. Thanks a lot Lindita! 

- I am very content with Lindita's service! She does her job with an impressive passion. I felt very comfrotable during the whole process of finding my apartment in record time! Very professional service. I wish her the best! 

- I would like to thank Lindita for her very good service to us. She managed to find us our dream home just like we had planned it to be. I wish her the very best in her life! Much respect! 

- For a very long time I've been struggling to find good professionals in real estate so they could help me find my family's dream home. I am very lucky to have found someone who did the best for me and my family also convincing us that there is a future in Albania thanks to good, hard-working people. I have recommended Lindita and Century 21 Royal to many of my friends that live abroad and that would like to invest in Albania. You are a great potential in how things should be done! I wish you a lot of success! 

- I would like to express my gratitude and that of my family too for the good job in selling our 2 bedroom apartment. From our first meeting to the successful selling of the apartment you were very punctual and professional, working with a distinguished passion.  You guided us every time we were indecissive and we also appreciate your assistance at the notary and the bank as we have been living abroad for a long time now and we lacked the necessary information. We were referred to you and we are very happy to having collaborated with you. We will purchase our next home with you and you only. We gratefully wish you a lot of success! A.C. Family, Greece.  

- I would like to thank you for renting out my property to the right people. They pay their rent and bills on time and they are very respectful too. I know you don not yet provide property managment services but I'm impressed of the pre-qualification of the tenants. Thank you for your collaboration, punctuality and your advices. You have professionally consulted us in real estate in each investment. See you at the next closing! I wish you a lot of success and hopefully work at Century 21 in the U.S. one day. The U.S. needs YOU! Kindly S.B., USA.

- I would like to really thank Lindita Beqiri for her devotion and patience in her work. I've never met someone who even outside of working hours or in their days off, they pick up the phone and are ready to provide any service I need. Not only she was very available to service me, but she had an impressive patience and a constant smile in her face when providing all the answers to our demands. She sets a good example with the love and devotion she has for her job. I am very happy with the apartment she found me. Undoubtely she is very good at quickly finding out what her clients want and providing them with that. Thank you infinitely Lindita!

- Many thanks to Lindita and to Century 21 for their super profesional service! She was very quick and punctual as well as too collaborative. I wanted to rent an office space and Lindita found it just in 24 hours! I couldn't have hoped for better than that! Thank you a lot! I have known Lindita for years and I wasn't expecting anything less from her. From the moment I reached out I knew she would find the right place for me, but I had never even imagined she would find it within a day!  

- Working with Lindita has been both a pleasure and a good deal for us! Buying our home with her was a smooth process that went perfectly! Within two months that I started searching for my house (in November) I can say with pleasure that by the end of December I started living in my new home she found me. She has been very punctual in all our meeting and kept us thoroughly informed for all the steps to follow with a great understanding of our needs and worries, including the seller's. I wish her a lot of success and may God bless her for all her great work!  

- I would recommend Lindita and her experience as a real estate agent for finding a great apartment here. Her availability, sense of compromise helped me find at last the accurante flat I needed ... after three attempts with other agencies since my arrival in Tirana 2 years sgo. Quick, efficient and ... nice person! 


Testimonial for Fjordi Subashi, Century 21 Royal

- Much thanks to Fjordi Subashi for his punctuality and overall service. I will refer him to everyone!

- Thank you a lot Fjordi for finding my the right home to rent in a record time. Much grateful for the easiness in visiting all the properties and the process overall. Thank you Fjordi!

- I was impressed by Fjordi's punctuality, devotion and professionalism. Thank you Fjordi for finding me in just 48 hours the ideal apartment for my needs! 

- We were very happy with Fjordi's and Century 21 Royal's services. The house they found us was in very good conditions and with very comfortable furnishings. 


Testimonial for Jonida Zerba & Irdi Dushku, Century 21 Royal

- I am a client of Century 21 Royal in Tirana and I am currently working with their agents:  Jonida Zerba and Irdi Dushku. So far we have had a good collaborations, very professional, ethical and punctual too. I hope the collaboration continues to be such!


Testimonial for Jonida Zerba, Century 21 Royal

- My wife and I decided to buy an apartment in Albania and we decided to work with Jonida Zerba from Century 21 Royal located in Tirana. In our very first meeting we realised that she was well aware of our circumstances and her experience equipped her with great competence in her duties. After we explained to her all our demands regarding the apartment we wanted to buy, she commited completely to find the right property for us that not only would be fitting to our need but it would be within our budget too. Thsi fact alone saved us a lot of our valuable time! 

Among other thing, Jonida spoke perfect English and French (our language) too which facilited our communication. Due to her professionalism, her availability to assist us at any time (she would quickly respond to any of our questions and demands) and her caring patience to fulfill all our demands, we managed to find the apartment we wanted. 

Jonida guided us in all the administrative and bank procedures and she even reached out to our lawyer to explain all the necessary procedures. 

Without Jonida, it would have been impossible for us to buy the apartment we wanted, especially in a country that is not in the EU and where the procedures are different form the ones we are used to in France or any other country of the EU. With this purchase we were stepping into the unknown, with different rules and laws, it was only through Jonida that we concluded our purchase successfully. Her colleagues Irdi was also impressive. 

We would like to stress that we are very grateful to Jonida for her precious help during the purchase of our apartment. Her patience, presence and courtesy were the best warranties we had during the whole purchasing process. Thanks to her our desire to buy an apartment in Albania became a reality!

Thank you a thousand times Jonida! 

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